Learn 5 Advantages Of Outdoor Camping

Outdoor camping is a popular activity for American families, as it should be. The country is so large and diverse in its natural resources and locations that camping for a weekend or longer makes a great chance to have traveled on the cheap while seeing the many breathtaking locations across the land. However, it’s more than that. Keep reading to learn 5 advantages of outdoor camping, wherever you are.

1) You get to spend time outdoors!

If you are like most modern citizens of this country, then you live in an urban environment or community and spend most of your time indoors. That’s a serious lack of sunlight and fresh air. Indoor air pollution is sometimes ten times worse than outdoors, and if you’re doing outdoor camping, you’re hopefully some place where the local terrain and plants are providing you air that’s a lot cleaner than you’re used to breathing.

On top of that, sunlight provides you with Vitamin D naturally, which most people are deficient in, but getting any improves your mood almost immediately. You can also sharpen and relax your eyes at night, gazing into starlit skies with more twinkles than you’ll ever see in a city overrun with artificial light.

2) Outdoor camping makes bonding with the others around much easier.

There might not be much conversation in the car ride to where you are camping, as everyone is plugged into their electronics, but there’s likely going to be a lot less ear bud and screen time once everyone gets to camp, especially if you are hiking into somewhere.

A group or family that goes camping outdoors together is going to get to know each other a lot better. This isn’t always for the better mind you, as some people just hate camping, but even a horrific camping experience can prove to be a bonding memory that draws any group of friends, family, or other acquaintances together.

3) Exercise is a great reason to go outdoor camping.

Even if you do not hike into your outdoor camping spot, there’s not going to be any chairs, couches, or beds around to lounge in all day. All you are going to have is a lightweight camping hammock! You won’t have a desk to sit at for eight hours, or television to sink into all evening. You’ll want to move around and do things and enjoy the outdoors.

An outdoor camping site can make a great base of operations for short day hikes up to summits to see views, swimming in a local lake or pond, or just going hunting and fishing. This can all make a great counterpoint to a sedentary lifestyle softened by urban conveniences.

4) Unplugging from electronics and society are both great advantages to outdoor camping.

While it is theoretically possible to camp somewhere that might have a Wi-Fi signal, and more likely to camp in a location where you get a wireless signal from your carrier, you didn’t come all this way to spend time looking at a tiny screen. When you have the possibility of sitting in front a warm, crackling fire with crystal clear stars and the moon overhead, your eyes might even be averse to looking at anything electronic.


It is a good idea to keep a phone around in case of emergency. Otherwise, why expose yourself to the constant stress and interruption of text messages, emails, and social media posts? You might be accustomed to the constant exchange of information back at home, but in the peace and quiet of the woods or other natural area, dings, beeps, and blips are just annoying. The world can probably live without you for a day or two, and the same should go for everyone camping with you.

5) Emergency preparedness is something you must learn and master if you want outdoor camping to go well.

You’re probably going to be far from fire, rescue, and ambulances. This is a little less risky than a generation ago where cellphone signals in the wilderness were unthinkable. Coverage can still be spotty, but getting emergency personnel to a camping location is easier than ever.

Still, you need to have certain supplies and skills with you or within your group. Even if everyone is in good health going in, a robust first aid supply kit is a must. Warm clothing, shelter, enough pure water for several days, and a stockpile of nonperishable food are all mandatory. A source of heat or fire is also always good to have on hand. Depending on your circumstances and location, firearms and ammunition might even be practical.

If children are involved in the outdoor camping, than make sure they are always in mind regarding emergency preparedness. Never let the young ones wander off unattended or have access to anything they shouldn’t, but also take the occasion to teach older one’s first aid skills and how to stay calm in an emergency, being able to both summon and provide help to those that need it. When everyone knows from personal experience that outdoor camping is safe, they are free to enjoy the other reasons why outdoor camping is so great to do.